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We are SEATA

The Southeast Asia Toy Association (SEATA) is a multi-stakeholder coalition of toy industry players in Southeast Asian countries. We aim to provide all children with access to quality toys through the sustainable growth of the toy sector value chain and advocating the importance of learning through play.
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  • Membership at the forefront: A Member-Driven Agenda

    Join SEATA to help create, develop, and drive toy industry growth in the region

  • Stay one step ahead with up-to-date monitoring

    Get exclusive updates and analyses on the latest industry issues and trends

  • A single voice for the industry

    Contribute your voice and be heard by decision-makers and government

  • A source expertise

    Technical experts and affiliates provide top knowledge on industry issues

  • Policymaking

    We serve as a unified communication platform to recommend and promote effective and evidence-backed policy to Southeast Asian governments. Our Regulatory Working Group promotes safety and quality standardization and regional trade policies.

  • Public Awareness

    We run campaigns to raise awareness among policymakers, educators, and consumers about the importance of educational toys and toy safety. Our Value of Play and Technical Working Groups bring together industry experts to share and advocate on this issue.

  • Industry Support

    We support the sustainable growth of the regional toy industry through knowledge sharing, partnering with experts and academics on industry studies, and building capacity through trainings and workshops.