Member Benefits

SEATA members enjoy a host of benefits that will support the success of their business and operations in Southeast Asia.

  1. Achieve solutions to key sector challenges
  • SEATA’s agenda is developed and driven by members, and its objectives reflect members’ roadblocks and challenges.
  1. Have a voice in Southeast Asian governments
  • Acting as a single voice for the toy industry gives SEATA increased influence in discussions with government and decision-makers in shaping regulatory environments and growing the sector’s value in the ASEAN economy.
  1. Join active working groups
  • Take action on key industry issues through teamwork with other regional players.
  1. Receive early warning on regulatory threats
  • Government networks provide first-hand intel on upcoming issues that will impact the sector and opportunities to provide inputs to mitigate risks.
  1. Access exclusive information from technical and industry experts
  • Grow your knowledge through information sharing among industry peers as well as affiliate organizations including TIA, TIE, and NGOs operating in relevant areas.
  1. Expand your company’s regional network and grow your business